October 18, 2010

English Language Development Bears Fruit in School Gardens

Life Lab's Language Acquisition and Science Education in Rural Schools (LASERS)  program showed the positive links between language development and hands-on science using the Life Lab Science curriculum.

This theme was recently revisited by the National Gardening Associations Kidsgardening.com newsletter. View the newsletter to learn how educators use the garden to enhance English Language Learning.

Learn more about LASERS from these past posts:
And from these documents:
  • The LASERS Model
  • English Language Learner Institutes
  • Integrating inquiry science and language development for English. With A. Pinales, M. Latzke, and D. Canaday. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 2002, 39(8), 1-25.
  • Integrating Science and Language Instruction for English Language Learners. Falling Leaves, 9, 9-14.

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kevin1985 said...

yes, i ageer with that...the english lanuage is importan in this world..