April 22, 2010

Life Lab's Oral History

Four key figures in Life Lab's history have been documented as part of UCSC's Cultivating a Movement: An Oral History Series on Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming on California's Central Coast.  

This oral history project conducted by the Regional Oral History Project at the University of California Santa Cruz’s University Library includes fifty-eight interviews with farmers, activists, researchers, and educators. It encompasses the 1960s through the present. You will find transcripts of all of the interviews in full text (PDF) format, along with audio clips from the oral histories, photographs, and additional resources. They provide three navigable categories that offer different portals to this archive. 

To view, read and listen to Life Lab's contributions to this project visit the project site and scroll down to Life Lab and check out what the follow folks had to say:

Erika Perloff: Director of Educational Programs (retired)

Gail Harlamoff: Executive Director

Roberta Jaffe: Founding Director

Amy Katzenstein-Escobar: Original Life Lab Teacher



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