October 29, 2009

"Food, What?!" Harvest Fest in the Sentinel

The Santa Cruz Sentinel covered our largest youth Harvest Fest to date.

The article "A field trip to chew on: teens run organic food festival"quotes this student participant:
Lorraine Medina talks fast and waves her arms when you ask her about vegetables.

"Chard and kale. I absolutely love them!" said the wide-eyed 17-year-old, pointing at the leafy cousins of beet and cabbage growing in a vegetable patch the size of a small swimming pool. "Kale is really, really good in stir-frys. And I never knew it existed!"
In addition to 300 plus students participating newly hired Food Service Director of Santa Cruz City Schools, Jamie Smith was on hand to bake up wood fired pizzas made from "Food, What?!" youth grown veggies! See more at the "Food, What?!" Blog

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