August 01, 2009

Leave us a Birthday Wish

Are you past Life Lab Student, Teacher, Intern, or Staff?
Do you have any great memories or stories to tell?

Tell us about your experience with Life Lab and when/where you were involved.

We like good stories so feel free to share:-)

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Anonymous said...

I first learned of Life Lab when I was in the Peace Corps in 1993. The Peace Corps gave out the Growing Classroom as a training material for volunteers working in environmental education and agriculture education sectors. The next time I came across Life Lab was at the UCSC Farm Harvest Festival in 1997. I visited the information table at the festival and asked if they were hiring and they said "no, jobs don't open often." In 2001 after a seredipitious event I ended up working as the Garden Classroom Manager! John Fisher

Anonymous said...

My first experience with Life Lab was during my student teaching days. When I got hired as a 4th grade teacher, my principal sent me to a Life Lab workshop. I was thrilled to find an organization which valued learning in such a holistic and healthy way. Eight years later, I was hired by Life Lab to work with LASERS teachers and eventually moved into the main office with the task of getting the Garden Classroom built (with help from a LOT of other people!). The Garden Classroom was completed in 2000. In 2001 I became the Executive Director and am honored to work with such a talented and dedicated staff. Life Lab is an amazing organization! Gail Harlamoff

Trish Hildinger said...

It was 1992 and I was bike commuting daily on Water Street and noticed Branciforte Elementary School building garden beds. I called to find out what was going on and how I could be involved. I was (reluctantly) told there was a job opening teaching Life Lab at Live Oak Elementary School. I began teaching there in Fall of 1993. In 1995 I moved to Green Acres Elementary School to run the original Life Lab site of 2+ acres, a job I loved with a passion for 8 years. I left in 2003 to travel and WWOOF with my family and returned in 2004-2006 to teach nutrition in the Bay View Elementary School Garden. I now am teaching adults and children through workshops and classes, and am using the Life Lab Garden Classroom as one of the venues. Trish Hildinger

Anonymous said...

30 years! you should all be proud, keep it up for another 30.

Anonymous said...

I first became associated with Life Lab when I met Roberta Jaffe at a seminar in Sacramento on agriculture in the classroom. The following year as principal of Hickman Elementary School in the Central Valley I reconnected with Roberta as well as Gary Appel and the other Life Lab founders. After a lot of hard work and persuasion with the staff, Hickman was selected as one of the first Life Lab sites - 30 years ago. I'm pleased to see how successful it's become over the years! As a K-4 science teacher in Brooklyn, I'm hoping to incorporate some Life Lab lessons in the curriculum at Poly Prep!

Dan Wood NY,NY